When it comes to the ethical breeding and handling of canines, there are many subjects:

  • How should the breeding occur?
  • How do you ensure there no inbreeding?
  • What whelp alterations are considered ethical?
  • Is there any reason to dock the ears of whelps?
  • Should whelps be in constant contact with each other?
  • What size is appropriate for a whelping box?
  • Children and new canine mothers.

We are looking for canine enthusiasts who would like to share their knowledge of breeding, housing, and selling canines in an ethical manner. The dog breeding industry has been scarred with images of puppy mills and animal abuse, but there are breeders like Rose Lord who ensure that every dog in her care is treated humanely and goes to a good home.

Please send your photos, videos, and guest blogs to us. We look forward to sharing what you know with our readers. Send submissions to this link. Thank you!