Rottweiler Exercise

Best Care Practices

At Working Class Canine of Claremont, New Hampshire, Rose Lord and her team of canine professionals are about far more than breeding dogs. While ethical breeding of Rottweilers is the primary focus of the organization, Rose and her crew work hard to ensure that the animals in their care receive the best Rottweiler nutrition and physical fitness regimens possible.

Rottweiler Rescue

Working Class Canine also serves a vital role in the animal community, functioning as a Rottweiler Rescue in addition to the ethical breeding program. You see, not everyone in the “business of breeding” cares about the health and wellbeing of their dogs. We do, and as such have developed an extensive exercise program for our beloved Rotties.

Keep it Simple, Silly! (KISS)

Most of us know how much dogs simply love to walk, run, and engage in free play. And this is by far the easiest method to exercise your dog. Seriously, visit your nearest dog friendly park and go for a walk! Bam. Done. Your Rottweiler just had his exercise for the day, and you got to appreciate some beauty while getting your own exercise!

With careful attention and guidance, your Rottweiler can also learn how to behave off leash. Allowing your dogs to go off leash gives them the opportunity to run unfettered and unhindered. We’re often unable to go at the paces that our dogs truly need to have proper exercise and optimum fitness. When we train them to go off leash, they can run completely unrestrained, at their own pace, and enjoy the experience all the more.

Special Needs Rotties

Sometimes our Rescue Rotties come to us with special needs. These can include high stress levels, low tolerance for social situations, or physical complications such as arthritic joints. Canine health concerns present roadblocks to exercise. That’s when it’s time for us to get creative.

Working Class Canine features a Rottweiler Gym, akin to the kind we ourselves go to after work. Complete with towels, water fountains, massage therapy, a dog treadmill programmed for different workout routines, and an indoor obstacle course staged with varied levels of difficulty. Check out one this clip of an out of shape Rottie getting his workout on:

Reach Us

Rose Lord and her team at Working Class Canine would like to work with you. If you need help training your Rottweiler to improve his health and fitness, reach out to us. It gives us great pleasure to share our knowledge of Rottie fitness.