Are you curious about ethical dog breeding? Rose Lord is a shining example of ethical breeding among AKC Rottweilers. She does not force the mating process but allows the dogs to naturally come to the breeding act through proximity rather than artificial insemination. Rose believes if the dogs do not pair well, then it was not meant to be. Natural breeding process are only part of her ethical stance. Rose does not dock the ears of Rottweilers, and her pups remain whole, tail and all.

Rose believes that Rottweilers were made perfectly to begin with and human alteration has served no honorable purpose for the dogs. It simply causes them pain for the convenience or wrongful purpose of the human. In Claremont, she is the only Rottweiler breeder, and she takes solace in knowing the difference she is making for this canine population.

Her Rotties are beautiful! If you’d like to talk to Rose or know more about her breeding practices, she’d love to hear from you. Please contact her at