AKC provides everything from Rottweiler history to training and temperament, and on to breed types and health concerns.

All About Rottweiler houses an index of resources for a variety of Rottie issues.

A Love of Rottweilers claims to be the “ultimate online guide” about Rottweilers, and it covers a variety of topics on the breed.

American Humane acts as the hub for American’s Humane Society network. Check in here for industry publications on a variety of pup topics.

CCPDT is a good place to go if you’d like to learn how to train your Rottweiler or become a certified dog trainer.

Dog Resources is useful for hundreds of breeds, including Rottweilers, and has a complete directory of topics.

EMBRACE discusses Rottweilers from a health standpoint, as well as addressing their bad reputations.

Let’s Talk Rottweilers features information on Rottie pups, basic care and health information, as well as breeding and training info.

NADOI is a valuable resource for those of us who are already owners, trainers, or instructors for dogs.

Raising Canine, an incredible resource to help you with your Rottweiler, teaches people how to train their dogs and addresses such topics as aggressive behaviors, fear, and reactionary responses.

The Rottweiler Chronicle lists Rottweiler clubs all around the country, as well as Rottweiler dog shows and breeder information.

Witch Hazel Cottage is another site that features a handy index of Rottie Resources.

Your Puppy Links

Do you have your own site about Rottweilers or other dog breeds? Reach us here, and we’ll add your site to our growing list of resources.