Who We Are

Working Class Canine is the first AKC Rottweiler breeder in the Claremont, New Hampshire area to be classified as an ethical dog breeder. Rose Lord, Claremont resident and Rottie mom, fought hard to earn that distinction.

Determined to set herself apart from the likes of backyard breeders, commercial kennels, and pet shops, Rose has risen above the rank and file to offer you Claremont’s premier ethical Rottweiler breeding service. Some of the practices that Rose and crew have in place include outcrossing, use of the natural method, and refusal to dock our Rottweilers. Read on to learn more about what this means and why these practices distinguish Working Class Canine as an ethical dog breeder.

Outcrossing Our Rotties

Rose Lord and her team of professional Rottweiler handlers and breeders, practice only outcrossing. We never line breed or inbreed our Rottweilers. No matter how desirable family traits are, we are staunchly against line breeding and inbreeding. Our outcrossing practices ensure that only non-related Rottweilers are bred together.

We work as part of a close knit, strongly vetted network of Rottweiler breeders. Together, we are able to ensure that only outcrossed Rotties breed and produce progeny together.

The Natural Method

In addition to outcrossing, Working Class Canine allows only natural breeding to occur. We never use artificial insemination to force a litter. When a prospective dam is in her heat cycle, we make sure she is accessible to the stud and prospective sire. We have ample safety precautions in place to ensure that there is no fighting between the pair or other Rottties we have in house at the time. Again, we never force a match. We promulgate and adhere to only natural breeding practices.

Say No to Docking

Another practice we are strongly against is docking. We never, under any circumstances, dock our Rottie puppies. As there are never any sound health or medical reasons to do so, we make zero concessions or exceptions to this rule. Rottweilers are born with tails, and we ensure that our whelps keep them.

Reach Us

If you’re a prospective Rottie parent, we implore you to reach out to us to discuss our ethical dog breeding program. Please steer clear of unethical backyard breeders and pet shop puppy mills. Let’s work together to end unethical treatment of our pets.

We also invite you to share your puppy links with us or apply to become a contributing writer for Working Class Canine.